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Charlie Rozario Benchmark Assessment .pptx (2).jpg

These pages illustrate my rough and experimental approaches to my poster final pieces where I intended to tie all my final products together to create a stronger brand presence. For example, I have used the same imagery and typography statements that are utilised in my banner designs. The right page here features some of my designs in mockup templates, where I gained a visual idea and understanding of how my designs would appeal in a contemporary and urban environment. Something that I greatly wish to happen in the foreseeable future. I think visually these pages stand out, to be very bold and aesthetically engaging due to the depth and the subtle tones of red. However, two of the posters here lacked temperamental persona in my opinion, as a result of this I decided to go ahead with only two poster designs. 

Charlie Rozario Benchmark Assessment .pptx (12).jpg

The two pages above present some very rough exploration of my banner work, where I initially began printing and embedding my designs with different materials such as calico and packaging paper.  I thoroughly enjoyed this process as it gave me the opportunity to work in a somewhat grungey style to accommodate the texturous materials.  This is something I wanted to bring to my banners; the element that consolidates this grunge/punk style is definitely the striking patches of black paint and ink that creates this sharp contrast to the rest of the mise-en-scene. Surrounding these pages is rough ideas in forms of drawings, of how the composition of my banners was going to play out together.


The page above is a demonstration of myself deciding to alter and further my brand’s logo due to the fact that I found my original logo to be very contrastive with my other designs, and therefore not making my brand's identity cohesive and consolidated.  As a result of this, I incorporated much more appropriate elements so that my logo ties in with my work cohesively. To the right of this page, I made a miniature model/plan of my magazine final piece, this was very helpful in regard to planning the layout and page order. 

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