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Album Design /

Here is a showcasing of my album work for clients.

version 6-01.png
version 8.png
version 1.png
version 3.png
version 4.png
final draft v2 purple.png
final draft v2 green.png
final draft v2 yellow.png
final draft v2 red.png

These designs are for acquaintance of mine trying to kickstart his musical career in the arena of rapping. The name of his debut album is called "Mythical". With this, I attempted to encapsulate this motif in these designs through the lack of structure and reason, in terms of the placement of the different elements; this is also reinforced with the enigmatic colour choice. One factor of these designs that strongly indicates this "mythical" approach is the eye: I love how it is not too overpowering, as I have combined the layers with its surrounding segments. However, the eye still has this very authoritarian ora to it due to how it naturally glares at the viewer in this sombre tone. Overall, I am very happy with how they turned out, and so is my client. I love working with my friends to help them achieve their musical goals as it's great artistic development for me and it's a very enjoyable process: collectively working alongside each other to reach a goal. This is something I look forward to greatly in my future graphic design career.

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