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The other day I was a approached by a niche women's boutique clothing brand looking for some marketing/graphic design assistance with their brand. They came across me through family friends as they heard of my recent graphic design and media adventures. This was very convenient for me as I was looking for part time work that related to websites as I want to explore and develop my skills further. I met with the client the other day, it went really well. We both had a lot of ideas and proposals for the project which was really encouraging. We were both in cohesive agreement for the most simplistic yet elegant approach, a successful company in our day in age succeeds through making the customer experience as easy as possible for the customers. I intend to capture this and make a really visually engaging website that has a somewhat refined beauty like the clothes my client stocks, which will conform to the target demographic. I am really forward to see what we both come up with for the final project; the client also mentioned how she would require someone to manage the website for the foreseeable future so this is something that could also be in my career. Below are some extracts from a draft version of the website to give you an idea of colour and typography.

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