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As of very recently I have been exploring putting my designs out there with a variety of different high quality products via Redbubble. I have thoroughly enjoyed this process because it has allowed me to view my work in real life scenarios and mock ups. I have established that I am going to focus on producing phone cases, face masks, and stickers as these items are more on the affordable side of things for the customer. I think by producing these products it adds a great deal of professionalism to my portfolio and general platforms.

After many days of researching and noting of how to become a successful Redbubble seller, there is one key aspect I have established and that is consistency. I aim to be very consistent with the upcoming months and to see where this takes me in my career. In terms of marketing, I have been heavily focusing on my social platform such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok. I think by having a strong online presence, this is how I will market myself for the world, through creative and innovative advertisements.

Here are some examples from a recently published design:

The progress with the selling side of things have been fairly slow but with most things starting up, you simply cannot expect instant success; I am enthusiastic and excited for the foreseeable future for Rozario Designs to what comes of my work.

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