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As of recent, I was approached by a niche underground clubbing company based in Nottingham, UK as they were in search of an "edgy" graphic designer. I found that this would be a really good and cool opportunity for me so I accepted almost instantly. They asked me to design some mock-ups based of their brand identity and aesthetic essentially for my interview with their company. One of the main incentives I had for this part-time job was the fact that I'd be designing promotional posters for their different events; I am very experienced in this area and I simply love it. It would be a great pleasure of mine, to see my work being marketed around the country and for my work to be the face of a company. Here are the posters I came up with featuring fake events for the interview purpose...

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  • Writer's pictureCharlie Rozario

As of very recently I have been exploring putting my designs out there with a variety of different high quality products via Redbubble. I have thoroughly enjoyed this process because it has allowed me to view my work in real life scenarios and mock ups. I have established that I am going to focus on producing phone cases, face masks, and stickers as these items are more on the affordable side of things for the customer. I think by producing these products it adds a great deal of professionalism to my portfolio and general platforms.

After many days of researching and noting of how to become a successful Redbubble seller, there is one key aspect I have established and that is consistency. I aim to be very consistent with the upcoming months and to see where this takes me in my career. In terms of marketing, I have been heavily focusing on my social platform such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok. I think by having a strong online presence, this is how I will market myself for the world, through creative and innovative advertisements.

Here are some examples from a recently published design:

The progress with the selling side of things have been fairly slow but with most things starting up, you simply cannot expect instant success; I am enthusiastic and excited for the foreseeable future for Rozario Designs to what comes of my work.

  • Writer's pictureCharlie Rozario

The other day I was a approached by a niche women's boutique clothing brand looking for some marketing/graphic design assistance with their brand. They came across me through family friends as they heard of my recent graphic design and media adventures. This was very convenient for me as I was looking for part time work that related to websites as I want to explore and develop my skills further. I met with the client the other day, it went really well. We both had a lot of ideas and proposals for the project which was really encouraging. We were both in cohesive agreement for the most simplistic yet elegant approach, a successful company in our day in age succeeds through making the customer experience as easy as possible for the customers. I intend to capture this and make a really visually engaging website that has a somewhat refined beauty like the clothes my client stocks, which will conform to the target demographic. I am really forward to see what we both come up with for the final project; the client also mentioned how she would require someone to manage the website for the foreseeable future so this is something that could also be in my career. Below are some extracts from a draft version of the website to give you an idea of colour and typography.

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